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We have our own editorial, LO QUE NO EXISTE.


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MMedialuna works and has developed communication campaigns for public and private organizations, institutions, companies, NGOs and various groups with and without profit. The experience has allowed to put into practice knowledge and skills in all areas and sectors. A brand is also "those it serves and offers its wisdom", that is, its own customers.


Medialuna is made up of a multidisciplinary and diverse team, and its professionals identify with the values ​​of responsibility, initiative, commitment, loyalty and respect.


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We believe in positive communication. That is why we launched OCARE, the first Observatory of Communication and Responsible Action and every year we organize the OCARE awards to promote the conduct of campaigns with an ethical purpose and inspire others to communicate the good news of committed organizations.

We support non-profit entities such as ANSHDA, FEDER, FACE and CNSE and belong to the Diversity Foundation.


Mercedes Pescador founded Medialuna in 2000 with a vital purpose: to generate wealth with talent, putting it at the service of companies, institutions and professionals.

Since then, the firm has led campaigns in very diverse sectors of activity, some deserving of prizes, such as the one of Sordo y qué! which allowed to explain what is communication and silence through the writings of deaf people full of wisdom.

Crescent professionals identify with five values: Responsibility, initiative, commitment, loyalty, and respect.