Mercedes Pescador

Founder and Director

Mercedes Pescador is the founder of the Media and Public Relations and Media LoQueNoExiste publishing company. He runs both companies from his headquarters in Madrid. Degree in Journalism and Political Science, and Master in Business Communication, she has directed with her team more than half a thousand national and international communication campaigns, some deserving of important awards.

She is the author of several books: Communication in four steps (LoQueNoExiste, 2016); Viagra Keys to the communication campaign that turned this drug into a social phenomenon (Planeta, 2001), co-author of Hillary, the power of overcoming (Catarata, 2016) and Entrepreneurs, a way of being in the world (LoQueNoExiste, 2017); and editor of about thirty works on various current topics. She has a blog where she shares her life and profession and is the mother of three children.

Mario Valera

Audiovisual and digital communication

Elena Alonso

Corporate communication, technology and consumption

Carolina Orihuela

Design and edition

Virginia Méndez

Administration and finance